The Dodgers confirmed Jo Lasorda passed away Monday night at the home in Fullerton she and Tommy shared for most of their 70-year marriage. The Stacks is Deadspin's living archive of great journalism, curated by Bronx Banter's Alex Belth. In time, became friends. In 1981, she interviewed Tommy for a short-lived underground paper called No Mag. Pallone, 69, said this in a phone interview on Friday evening, the day after Lasorda died of sudden cardiopulmonary arrest. Still, in recent years, several players, like Kevin Pillar and Yunel Escobar, and the broadcaster Thom Brennaman had to apologize for their use of homophobic slurs. Tommy was forever bugging the editors of Interview to feature him, but they wouldn't. She found that sad but said Tommy Jr. did not resent his father over it. "We don't want to be sexual beings. On death certificates issued by the state of California, there are three lines to list the deceased's cause of death, and after each is a space labeled TIME INTERVAL BETWEEN ONSET AND DEATH. He died of pneumonia.". The word does not seem to be connected to anything. I liked Lasorda a lot, for most of my life, until some years ago, I heard the back-story about him and his son, and my attitude progressively changed. . John Casey is editor at large for The Advocate. Expecting the father to ask that donations go to the Gay Men's Health Crisis? I knew Bean well when I was hooked on baseball. Tommy Lasorda died Jan. 7 at age 93. I also read that a lady gave birth to a fucking monkey. Garvey was the only major league baseball player at Wiggins's service. He turns away and starts to brush his hair in the mirror of his dressing room. . In 1997, Lasorda and his wife donated $500,000 through the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Memorial Foundation to maintain a public gym in Yorba Linda, California, not far from where they lived. It was such a struggle between the two of them to try and balance keeping Sr.s. Lasorda is survived by his wife of 70 years, Jo, their daughter, Laura, and granddaughter Emily Tess. Disclaimer : This is based on sources and . The former Joan Miller met Tommy Lasorda at a minor league baseball game in her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, where he was playing for the Spinners.. It was Tommy. He loved the Dodgers. So was her maiden name. Jan. 8, 2021. Because of his faith, Dodger Blue achieves things, more things than you can imagine. These 300 men did. That's not the truth.". Penelope Spheeris met him at Club Zero. Burke is the first player in Major League Baseball history to come out to his teammates during his playing career. [Showed him] how to dress a little better.". "I think he wanted to make his father happy," says his Oscar Wilde. He didn't pretend. Home, he'd say. You'd figure it'd be [the father saying] 'Please don't let people know you're my son,' but it was the opposite. daughter Laura, and a granddaughter. Lasorda's son, Tom Jr., died in 1991. he says. says Magno. But in the late seventies, it was a raucous, outrageous and joyous neighborhood, free of the pall that afflicted hetero Los Angeles, thronged as it was with people who'd lemminged their way out west until there was no more land, fugitives from back east. "You could hit me over the head with a fucking two-by-four and you don't knock a tear out of me," he says. I kept my problems to myself. I wonder if he even listened. To be the center of attention. Jo and Tommy welcomed two children into their lives: a son named Tommy Lasorda Jr. and a daughter named Laura. She said Tommy Jr. didnt want people talking about his sexuality either, because he wanted to protect his fathers wishes. King's death comes five months after the deaths of his children Andy and . So, when Burke became . The closet was as big as my living room. A third flies off into the night, a mighty shot. Eugene captured them all. He wearied of it. "And to accept the fact he's not with them and what the real reason is. The Dodgers saw the white-hot burn and made it into a minor-league manager. I knew him to be a gay man, and I knew a lot of people who knew him as a gay man. We first published these details ten years ago, in a review of a documentary about another baseball icon: Glenn Burke. That was enough. I remember when he died. Two days after Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda was discharged from a hospital in Orange County, Calif., he died at his home in Fullerton, Calif. His son, Tom Jr., died of complications related to AIDS in 1991. umpire who said he was fired in 1988 for being gay. No cause of death was given. In the punk dubs, amid the slam-dancing and the head-butting, Tommy parted the leathered seas, a chic foil for all the pierced flesh and fury, this man who didn't sweat. Sadly, Burke died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 41. He is sipping a glass of juice in the well-appointed lounge of Dodgertown, the Los Angeles baseball team's green-glorious oasis of a spring-training site. There was a plague, and it was gutting the arts world in my city, and it needed to be cured, and quickly. Born: 22-Sep-1927 Birthplace: Norristown, PA Died: 7-Jan-2021 Location of death: Fullerton, CA Cause of death: Heart Attack. It looks awful") at the pedestrians diving out of the way. I was disappointed that someone as jovial, honest, and forthright like Lasorda would dispute the authenticity of his son. "If he can't accept things yet, he may never be able to..but what good does it do? I ask him what his dad would say if he were alive. I have a lot of empathy for what he's going through. No cause of death was given. Tracked me down in a motel in Indiana, screamed over the phone, talked of how he thought we were friends, although our relationship had consisted of a half-dozen interviews over the years in which I quoted him and presented him in my newspaper exactly as he wanted to be presented, which did not cleave to my idea of friendship. She would go on to direct the punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization and, years later, Wayne's World. The story is that you dont close doors on your family, Pallone said. No cause of death was given. He had a new set of friendswhom he regaled, in his best raconteurial fashion, with tales of the past. Inscription "Spunky" Beloved son and brother . Collected, they paint a neon scar of a boy slashing across the town. As the Los Angeles Times obituary on Lasorda Sr. states: "In 1991, Lasorda's son, Tom Jr., known as Spunky, died at 33, a death attributed to pneumonia and dehydration. 1950 a 70-year union. He was totally like a normal man. By admitting that denial was wrong, and acknowledging that there was nothing wrong with his son being gay, and nothing dishonorable about dying from AIDS? Find more of his work at his website. "But he didn't know how to. On his head. His son, Thomas Jr., died in 1991. Tommy Lasorda Jr has left companions, family, and friends, and family heart-broken as the news encompassing the demise of Tommy . He told Richmond, I dont care what people I know what my son died of. Tommy wanting to shop or Tommy wanting Eugene to photograph his new look. Whether the two dated or not is never clear, but their relationship was a direct f-you to Lasorda and the Dodgers, who presented a wholesome family values image. I would really hate to state anything like that. He would pay Eugene out of the house account his parents had set up for him. A Minnesota judge rules the governing body violated her civil rights by denying trans women a opportunity to compete. "T. L. Jr." reads the directory outside the locked gate; beyond it, a half-dozen doorways open onto a carefully tiled courtyard. "He loved his father, you know. It is a major denial. Tommy Lasorda of the Los Angeles Dodgers Height 5 10 (1.78 m) Born September 22, 1927 Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA Died January 7, 2021 Fullerton, California, USA (cardiopulmonary arrest) Spouse Jo Lasorda April 14, 1950 - January 7, 2021 (his death, 2 children) Other works TV commercial for Slim-Fast (1991, 1992) Publicity listings He loved Diana Ross. He later told GQ that he cried a lot about his sons death but never around the team. I always felt that it should be more public that Sr. had a son that was gay and gorgeous and everything that Tommy was, she said in a phone interview on Saturday. Lasorda was entitled to his personal life, and his opinions and the privacy of his feelings, yet at a time when it would have helped so many of us to understand more about the real Tommy, Jr., that never happened, and I'm really sad about that. He was cool in that. Jo Lasorda was. But he smoked, and he drank. Tommy's look was his work. Miami Heat Star Fears Game in Washington: Im Not Leaving My Room. In his first two years, the Dodgers made the World Series. ", "There's something wrong with hiding the truth," Penelope Spheeris says. Only his friend. Cause of Laura Lasorda's Father Tommy Death. "There's no question. Why don't you work?'" He was a very, very memorable person.. Everything was organized perfectly. I even had the occasion to meet Garvey several times as a teenager, and as an adult, and even on those occasions, I didn't have a sexual interest in him. . AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, (select parishes), MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY, CA-ONT only.Eligibility restrictions apply. "You'd be surprised what agonies people have," Dusty Baker, the former Dodger, reminds us, himself a good friend of both father and son, a solid citizen in a sport that could use a few more. Pinkowski remarks on the asexual nature of the masks his friend kept donningand about how his friend kept some sides of himself closed off. community, and it wont be so tough for fathers and mothers who are part of the game of baseball to accept their sons and daughters.. The director Penelope Spheeris met Tommy Lasorda Jr. at a punk rock club in the 1980s. Their first son died at the age of thirty-three, though the cause of death is in dispute. It's a well-worn voice. Call 1-800-GAMBLER. He was generous off the field. A routine night is spent in the clubs, the bright ones and dark ones alike. The Dodgers legend hasnt been seen in public since Game 6 of the 2020 World Series in Arlington, Texas, ESPN reported. He was preceded in death by Tommy Lasorda, Jr. who died in 1991, and the cause of his death was attributed to pneumonia. The truth may be uncomfortable, but the truth should be told, if not by Lasorda himself, then by Outsports. He could really hold his own in a group of strangers. No cause of death was given. Lasorda was absent from the team for three days. He gave up everything. A unique soul with a great personality has an amazing sense of humor, diligent and caring. The pylons at Los Angeles International Airport were illuminated in Dodger Blue.. In "Badasses," author Peter Richmond chronicles the whiskey-drinking, horse-stealing,. "I could say 'God, why was I dealt this blow? At the Duck Club, down behind the Whiskey, in 1985, Tommy sat in a corner drinking Blue Hawaiians. To say he wasn't gay would be like saying Quentin Crisp isn't gay. There's a new generation of coaches today, like San Diego Loyal coach Landon Donovan, who pulled his team off the field after one of his players was subjected to a homophobic slur. We didn't know how he could do that. Tommy Lasorda, who spent seven decades in the Dodgers organization - first as a player in Brooklyn and then in Los Angeles as a two-time World Series winning manager - has died. And he'd do anything to keep it going. "He was gay. Art. I ask Eugene if Tommy would have wanted this story written. Nighttime in Los Angeles, on a quiet street off Melrose Avenue. Tommy Jr's death certificate listed his cause of death as "PROBABLE ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY . Could you imagine? "I had him for thirty-three years. My son wasnt gay, Lasorda told Peter Richmond, who wrote about the duos complicated relationship for GQ magazine in 1992, in some of his few public comments about his son. The complex also features Brooke Shields on its list of tenants. He was very much like the old boy. Hopefully that helped to move the tide along and maybe baseball culture will get better, Pallone said. I say that I thought a step forward had been taken by Magic Johnson's disclosure of his own HIV infection, that that's why some people in Los Angeles expected him to "Hey," he says. In green. He was a quiet tenant, a thoroughly pleasant man. I ask him if he was surprised that he was alone. His pitching is vague, at best. The nature of the pain will forever be in debate. With the cigarette. As parents they're both sowell, very straitlaced and conservative. In a nutshell, could Lasorda have done more at such a consequential and critical time? He rang doorbells up and down the street, trying to find the owner. "Tommy was a great storyteller, and he'd tell you stories of his dad in the minor leagues," Pinkowski says. But Tommy could never stand to be just another anything. "But I don't think it wasWhen you're that sad, you have to cover up a lot of pain. Lounging on the floor. BestsellerThe Barista Express grinds, foams milk, and produces the silkiest espresso at the perfect temperature. The Australian beach volleyball gold medalist reflects on how legalizing gay marriage changed her life and outlook. Tommy spent hours at the makeup table. At Sunny Hills High School, in Fullerton, Calif."the most horrible nouveau riche white-bread high school in the world," recalls Cat Gwynn, a Los Angeles photographer and filmmaker and a Sunny Hills alumnaTommy Lasorda moved through the hallways with a style and a self-assurance uncommon in a man so young; you could see them from afar, Tommy and his group. I had to adhere to what Penelope Spheeris had referred to: values. But now the voice shifts tone and the words become more weighted; he frames each one with a new meaning. I was a rabid baseball fan growing up. People have lived for ten years with the right medication and some luck. There was no immediate word on a cause of death. It speaks of a way of living. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine. But if a passerby's curiosity had been piqued and he'd climbed to the roof of a neighboring building to divine the source of the show, he would have been rewarded by a most unusual sight: a man of striking looks, with long blond hair, startlingly and wincingly thin, hitting the ball with a practiced swinga flat, smooth, even stroke developed during a youth spent in minor-league towns from Pocatello to Albuquerque. But the blue period lasted longer. Tommy had a chemabrasion performed on his face, in which an acid bath removes four of the skin's six layers. Nikola Joki is your 2023 NBA MVP right? More significantly, the father's world was no less eccentric than the son's: The subset of baseball America found in locker rooms and banquet halls is filled with men who have, in large part, managed quite nicely to avoid the socialization processes of the rest of society. In 1980, at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Cindy Stevens and Tommy Lasorda shared a class in color theory. He was an A-lister from the celebrity capital of Los Angeles in the 1970s through the 1990s, and he no doubt came from a generation, and from a profession, that thought being gay was weak, and dying of AIDS was shameful. That was all. Facebook. Everybody had called Tommy Lasorda Jr. "Spunky" since before he was even born; he earned the nickname by constantly kicking while he was in his mother Jo's womb. Death 3 Jun 1991 (aged 33) . Getty Back in November, he was hospitalized in Orange County, California, and placed in intensive care. memorial page for Thomas Charles "Spunky" Lasorda Jr. (6 May 1958-3 Jun 1991), Find a Grave Memorial ID 6929, citing Rose Hills Memorial Park, . It may have been that he grew up. TOMMY: I'm sure they would, but I'll take ANY PUBLICITY. This apparent contradiction surfaces regularly in the tale of Tommy Lasorda. They had a great deal in common. I made him a little more sophisticated. But on this day, a few minutes after he's been talking about Tommy, he walks this gauntlet differently. Thats what I dont like. They got along perfectly well." How could you hide a butterfly that was so beautiful? First, the obvious answer to the obvious question: Yes, Tommy was livid when it was published. Then he says, "You think people would have cared so much if it had been Mike Tyson?". That seemed so out of character. One ball pocks an adjacent apartment. legacy and career on track while having a gay son in such an environment where people just have no tolerance for gay people.. Nicknamed "Spunky," the 33-year-old had been sick for an extended period of time, and the LA Times reported that the cause of death was "pneumonia and severe dehydration." However, since then, it has been suggested that Tom Jr., a gay man, died from complications of AIDS. "I signed that contract [to manage the Dodgers] with a commitment to do the best of my ability," he says. In 1973, the Dodgers called him to coach for the big team, and he summoned his wife and his son and his daughter from Norristown, and they moved to Fullerton, Calif, a featureless sprawl of a suburb known for the homogeneity of its style of life and the conservatism of its residents. Former major league umpire Dave Pallone, who revealed his own homosexuality in an autobiography two years ago, knows the father well, and also knew his son. He was 93. By January 2021, Jo Lasorda was at least 85 years old. These are words he has said before, in response to other inquiries about Tommy's death. The doctor put out a report of how he died. "I consider him a friend. Tommy Lasordas classic rivalry with the Phillie Phanatic Baseball was meant to be fun for everyone (1988), IB THE GAMBLER (@incarceratedbob) January 8, 2021. Trailblazer Layshia Clarendon focused on a WNBA return while helping trans and nonbinary people, Trans disc golfer Natalie Ryan files discrimination suit against pro tour, Vermont sports body stands up for trans-inclusion during dispute with Christian high school. 70 Years in the same work uniform. A close friend who was with Tommy the day before his death vehemently disagrees. Tommy with a stuffed fox. The wife of the Hall of Famer has died at the age of 91. "Talking to college baseball coaches, and a buddy told me nine nuns had been evicted from their home. But they left behind a legacy of lovable memories, and those who knew him will miss him greatly..It is with a deep sense of loss and a heavy heart that friends, family members, colleagues announced . I ask him if he read in the same paper that his son had died of AIDS. "He was as hungry as Madonna. So the overwhelming number of one-runis, in fact, testament, again, to Lasorda's management. The doctor put out a report of how he died. "As beautiful as he was, as famous as his father was, he thought he should be in magazines," Pinkowski says now. No way, he continued, with some expletives sprinkled in. Tommy Jr. reportedly died of AIDS in 1991. Where else would he go to get away from the grief? Johnny Haught, who owns an MMA training school in the Ohio Valley, is standing up for drag queens. His haunt was the Rose Tattoo, a gay club with male strippers, long closed now. Pallone said he believed Lasorda funneled his grief into his charitable work, often geared toward helping youth. On Friday morning, the Dodgers released a statement saying Lasorda suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his California home and was transported to the hospital with resuscitation in progress. He died on Thursday night at 10:57 p.m. PT. I know what he died of. I remember when he died. In 1997, Lasorda and his wife donated $500,000 through the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Memorial Foundation to maintain a public gym in Yorba Linda, Calif., not far from where they lived. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Jo Lasorda, their daughter, Laura, and granddaughter Emily Tess. Garvey was a good-looking guy, but interestingly enough, I don't recall ever having any sort of a crush on him or any of the Major League players growing up, so my interests were purely platonic. He's dead. On the late Tommy Lasorda's relationship with his son who was gay and died in 1991, at 33, . As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. When they went shopping, they would fly down Melrose in Tommy's Datsun 280Z, much, much too fast, Tommy leaning out of the driver's window, hair flying in the wind, like some Valley Girl gone weird, hurling gravelly insults ("Who did your hair? Tommy Lasorda serving as an honorary coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2011. Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has died at the age of 93. . LOS ANGELES, CA - 1989: Manager Tommy Lasorda #2 and Reggie Smith #8 of the Los Angeles Dodgers take batting practice before a game at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California. Then his eyes look away and he sets his face in a flat, angry look of defiance. Tommy Lasorda, one of the most iconic figures in baseball history, managed the Dodgers for 21 seasons from 1976 to 1996. At brunch at the French Quarter, men stop their conversations to lay out their pills on the tables, and take them one by one with sips of juice. When Penelope Spheeris heard that Tommy Lasorda died on Thursday at 93, she knew many people would be touched by the sad news, particularly in Los Angeles. Lasorda never back-tracked from that support. Nor did he ever speak to Lasorda about his son after Tommy Jr.s death. He was preceded in death by Tommy Lasorda, Jr. who died in 1991, and the cause of his death was attributed to pneumonia. He would hand him something. As for Tom Lasorda, Jr., it may be long past the time to confront and embrace his truth, but to my mind: now is as good a time as any. You just cant close doors, period, because you never know how its going to hurt you. One day, Tommy wanted to pose wrapped in a transparent shower curtain. He'd never say anything about anybody that way. "I cried," Tom Lasorda says quietly. During that game, he watched as the Dodgers clinched their first championship win since 1988. The heart stops beating properly. That would have been too much. . In his office at Dodger Stadium, the father kept a photograph of Tommy on his desk. The Dodgers official statement on Lasordas death included moving tributes by Hall of Fam broadcaster Viny Scully, Mark Walter, the teams owner and chairman, and Stan Kasten, whos president and CEO of the franchise. Spunky Lasorda later died of AIDS and his father shamefully never acknowledged that his son was gay. At the time of Garvey's ascension to prominence, the Dodgers were managed by long-time veteran Walter Alston, and in 1976, he was replaced by the colorful and showy Tommy Lasorda. Without it. He was a good man. I was his Marne. I didn't think it'd be like that. And of course, back in the '70s and early '80s, I wouldn't admit to anything like that. The details of Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda's death have been revealed. I don't consider myself a backward-looking person by nature but I've always been fascinated with, Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise. As for Lasordas cause of death, he suffered sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at home at 10:09 p.m. PT on Thursday. recent commentary piece for the Los Angeles Blade, strained Burkes relationship with his boss. "We used to ask him, 'You're thirty-three, what kind of life is thatyou have no responsibilities. Lasorda doesn't answer. Tommy and his foot were a regular subject of conversation, often led by Tommy. . He could never be what his father wasTommy Lasorda's own inner orientation made that impossiblebut he could fantasize, couldn't he? It's the right thing to do.". Spheeris said Tommy Jr. and his father loved each other. His reply: I guess you mean to a woman?. "No way. And so, on the odd night. Laura Lasorda has a brother named Tommy Lasorda Jr, also known as "Spunky." Unfortunately, her brother died on June 3, 1991, as a result of AIDS-related complications. In the late seventies, Tommy left Fullerton, moving only an hour northwest in distancethough he might as well have been crossing the border between two sovereign nationsto West Hollywood, a pocket of gay America unlike any other, a community bound by the shared knowledge that those within it had been drawn by its double distinction: to be among gays, and to be in Hollywood. Gambling problem? And he never back-tracked from denying his son. . By the age of twenty-two, Tom Lasorda was a successful minor league pitcher by trade, a left-hander with a curveball and not a lot more. Lasorda was enraged when it was widely reported that his son had died of complications of AIDS. He loved Thelma Houston. They lived in the same modest home in Fullerton, Calif., for most of that time and had two children: a daughter, Laura, and a son, Tom Jr. His son died in 1991. That's every individual's right.". They met at a punk rock club. Tommy was wearing white underwear. We laugh and we cry and we mourn today, the passing of the man who represented the Dodgers more than anyone in Dodger history, said Los Angeles Times journalist Bill Plaschke. Tommy Lasorda Jr Cause of Death - We grieve with the group of Tommy Lasorda Jr, we see how unsettling they could be at this moment, so we are sending our. The man who earlier this month spoke so wonderfully of his pride in his gay son? Tommy Lasorda and Jo Lasorda married on April 14, 1950. Outsports has reached out to Ocamb and the current editor of the Blade requesting more information about this claim. In this judgmental, narrow-minded high school, he strutted his stuff.". He wanted to be more macho but didn't know how to. The baseball great was full of life throughout his 93 remarkable years. The producers made multiple efforts to get Lasorda to talk, but were rebuffed. In white. "He'd come a long waydenying what he used to be, so happy with what he'd become.". "I think he'd have been so proud of me. Son of major league baseball's Tommy Lasorda. Tommy never ate. It seemed quite plausible that he did have a gay son who may have died of AIDS. Alex Magno was an instructor at the Voight Fitness and Dance Center and became one of Tommy's best friends. Of the game. "He was a teammate, we always got along well, he gave me one hundred percent effort, played right next to me. Jo hails from Greenville, South Carolina. Some people have the fortitude, but they simply don't have the strengthThere comes a point, no matter how public they may be, [at which] we need to step back and let them be. She cried. When a person experiences cardiac arrest, it typically results in death if cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR, isnt immediately performed followed by a defibrillator, which is used to shock the heart and restore a normal heart rhythm within a few minutes.. Ate everything he wanted. According to a Dodgers biography on Tommy Lasorda, Lasorda and his wife,. "Laura and I are saddened by the death of Tommy Lasorda. To display for all of the world to see a part of his son he didn't want seen? Tommy Lasorda Death: In the loving memory of Tommy Lasorda, we are saddened to inform you that Tommy Lasorda, a beloved and loyal friend, has passed away. As long as he's healthy, I say. As a for-profit goliath, fed by young men who learn homophobia at an early age, governed by men who were themselves raised in a primitive society, Big Sport's seeds of gender-preference bias have been sown very, very deeply, and uprooting them is going to take more than a story or two and more than a handful of men who come out every few years. In the process, I became a Dodgers fan. From the first, Lasorda understood that he had to invent a new identity for this team, the team that Walter O'Malley had yanked out of blue-collar-loyal Brooklyn-borough America and dropped into a city whose only real industry was manufacturing the soulless stuff of celluloid fantasy. "There are a lot of opinions about Tom junior, about how [his father] handled his relationship with his son," says Steve Garvey, who more than anyone was the onfield embodiment of Dodger Blue. Two World Series Rings. Tommy, Stevens recalls, often did not do his homework. He couldn't do anything. They were married for 70 years until Lasorda's death on January 7, 2021. to one of the greatest Dodgers of ALL-TIME, We mourn the passing of Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda. No one had. Editor's note: Tommy Lasorda died Friday, January 7. You shouldn't judge. Since then, a few more players, umpires and officials have come out. We may earn a commission from links on this page. Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death, and John Madden's Oakland Raiders. Jacob Billington is Dead : Death, Obituary, Cause of Death, Memorial, Funeral 360NG totally feeling remorsed to announce the death of a loved one 'Jacob Billington '. The closest Tommy came was when he bought himself a full page in Stuff magazine, in 1982, for a picture of himself that Eugene took.
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